The talent



Traction Ave. Films was born in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. Surrounded by creative thinkers and artists of multiple disciplines, our directors collaborate with clients and brands of all types to create award-winning visual content.


Our directors are not only true filmmakers, they’re visual storytellers fluent across many mediums; from traditional commercials to short films, videogame content, branded and online content, and virtual/augmented reality experiences and live events. We even work with puppets!


We believe that the richness of real life is captured best through the lens, so we strive to acquire as much as possible in camera − using digital techniques when they help support the story. Our directors have emerged from the worlds of live action, design and visual effects.

Traction Ave. is part and parcel of the authentic texture of our neighborhood; it inspires and represents our culture as content creators.  We invite you to come and experience it for yourself.



Scott Gemmell

Executive Producer

1 (213) 221-7830


Lloyd D'Souza 

Executive Producer

1 (213) 221-7830